Airborne Navigation Instruments

AirCo offers a wide array of airborne navigation instruments such as Bearing Distance Heading and Horizontal Situation Indicators. Many of our instruments are used on the F-16, F-111, Blackhawk Helicopter, and Westland Lynx Helicoptor.

Bearing Distance Heading Indicators (BDHI)

  • P/N 12000
    • ID-633C/U
    • ID-663D/U
  • P/N 18000-2
    • ID-1103/ARN

Course Indicator

  • P/N 70000
    • ID-387/ARN

Distance Measuring Equiment (DME)
Night Vision Indicator

  • P/N 83200-1-011 DME Night Vision Version
  • P/N 83200-1 DME Non-Night Vision

Horizontal Situation Indicators (HSI)

Repair Only

  • P/N 27850-2
  • P/N 29800

Radio Magnetic Indicators (RMI)

  • P/N 60000
    • ID-250A/ARN

Service and support is provided for new and previously manufactured products. 

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